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Montara Avenue Math/Science/Technology Magnet


Take a look at some of our projects!

Balancing Pencils

Balancing Pencils

Students learned to balance pencils on their tips in a stable position by placing counterweights below the balance point.

Camouflaging Butterflies

Camouflaging Fish

Students tried to camouflage their animals. If you were a predator, who would you eat first?

Bethany's Timeline

Britney's Timeline

Students put important events in their lives on time lines.

Look Again Board

Students learned about how animals use colors, patterns, mimicry, and costumes to camouflage.

Grandma's Wheat Berry Muffins

We made Grandma's Wheat Berry Muffins for a Valentine's Day Treat!

Look at what we're learning about!

Vibration by Alitzel

Vibration by Soledad

Students explain what they learned about the relationship between vibration and sound.

Students learned how to make balancing mobiles.

Types of Lines

Students learned the difference among different kinds of lines.





Students decorated the classroom for winter.