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Montara Avenue Math/Science/Technology Magnet


Language Arts

In Language Arts, we have just started a new unit called "Fossils". The unit includes stories about fossils and theories about why the dinosaurs disappeared.

Here are some fantastic websites for fossil investigations:


Dino Dig Interactive Game

Become a Paleontologist

To make sure your child gets lots of reading practice, here are some fantastic resources for online storybooks:

Children's Storybooks Online

Online Stories and Resources for Kids

Sebastian Swan's Big Books

Japanese Folktales

Here are some more games to practice:






Spelling Patterns

Parts of Speech

Contractions Crossword Puzzle


We have started working on multiplication and will begin division in a few days. Here are some websites for multiplication and division practice:

Multiplication and Division Games

Space Arrays

Continued Addition and Subtraction Practice:

Dositey Addition

Dositey Subtraction

All Second Grade Math Skills

Here are practice worksheets you can print at home:


These are good games to continue practicing:

Addition Fact Challenge

Subtraction Fact Challenge

Finding Place Values

Expanded Notation

Comparing Two-Digit Numbers

Ordering Two-Digit Numbers

Ordinal Number Matchup

Even and Odd Numbers

Counting Patterns


Social Studies

We will soon begin a social studies unit about our ancestors. Please begin to speak with your children about where their ancestors came from, when they came to the United States, and why they came here.


Japanese Club
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Parent-Teacher Conferences
March 23 - 27, 2009

Field Trip
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Skirball Cultural Center

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April 6th-10th

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